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    Good to know about a car rentals in Fes

    Reduced rates & variants

    Varying, competitive and adapted rates according to your budget and your needs

    Services and options

    We offer quality services & comfort options for your rental

    24/7 customer support

    Customer support before, during and after your stay in Fes

    Payment flexibilities

    Reserve your car online, and only pay a deposit in advance

    FAQs about car rental at Fez

    What are the necessary documents for car rentals in Fez ?

    • Identity card (valid)
    • Accepted cards are credit cards
    • Deposit by credit card in the name of the tenant
    • A valid driving license

    What is the minimum age for car rentals in Fez ?

    You must have at least 21 years old. However, these conditions may vary depending on the type of the car rentals.

    How much does it cost a car rental in Fes ?

    On average, the car rentals at Fes costs 440 Dhs per day.

    How much does cost an Economy Car Rental at Fes ?

    On average, An Economy car rentals in Fes costs 450 MAD per day.

    How much does cost an Suv Rentals in Fes ?

    On average, An Suv car rental in Fes costs 1200 MAD per day.

    Can I change my car rental booking ?

    You can change your reservation up to 96 hours before your pick-up date. If you need to modify your booking, you have to contact us by phone or mail to make the neccesery.

    The best car rentals type in Fez

    It is entirely up to you – To hire a car in Fes that suits for you , consider things like your budget, the number of people traveling with you and the type of trip you take. These suggestions will be important for you to get started;

    Our cars categories :

    Ideal for a cheap car rental in Fez : reduced costs and small luggage. The category includes: Hyundai i10, Dacia logan, Clio 4, Clio 5 or similar.
    The cheapest comfortable cars, at affordable prices that meet your needs; enjoy the views and landscapes !
    The category includes: Clio 4 automatic, Hyundai Accent, Dacia Duster automatic car rental or similar.
    Best for: Romantic couples and enthusiasts to drive luxury cars.
    The category includes: Volkswagen Touareg, Jeep Cherokee, Range Evoque or similar.

    More about luxury cars rental in Fes

    Full-size SUVs are best for: Large groups needing comfort and luggage space.
    The category includes: Range Sport rental in Fes and Range vogue rental too, and of course or similar.

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