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Need informations, or you have questions ? you will find below the answers to your most frequent questions relating to car rental in Morocco, and at the main airports.

What the minimum legal age to rent a car in Morocco ?

The minimum legal age to rent a car in Morocco is 21 years old. However, these conditions may vary depending on the category of the vehicle.

What payment methods do you accept ?

Accepted methods of payment:
– Cash
– Moroccan Check
– Bank card
– Bank receipt

What else is included in your car rental service ?

Unlimited mileage
Modern cars with full options
Delivery of the car at the airport
Fast service without complications
Emergency Road Service

How much does a car rental cost in Morocco ?

A car rental in Morocco costs on average 245 Dhs per day. However, prices may change depending on rental duration, city and season.

Can i drive the car rentals with the international license ?

Yes, an international driving license is valid in Morocco.

What is the most suitable rentals car in Morocco for a woman ?

The right cars that women often like are the small car like the Clio 4 and the Peugeot 208, and of course the charming 4×4 Range Rover Evoque type.

Driving in Morocco: What you need to know

Morocco has a well-developed and very well-maintained road network, allowing access to the entire territory. We respect the Moroccan highway code, driving is on the right, and the roads are paved most of the time. In mountain and desert regions, the roads become narrower and winding, which makes driving less obvious. So be careful in this area.

Is there a deposit for car rentals in Morocco ?

The security deposit is an essential condition for car rentals in Morocco. The lack of availability of the amount allocated to the security deposit will justify the refusal of the Lessor to deliver the vehicle to the Customer, as well as the termination of the rental contract.

Do I have to pay additional local fees ?

No, there are no additional local fees to pay.
You just pay the costs of your car renting also the amount of extrats you choose (child seats, gps, additional driver …)

Are the child seats available for rent through the website ?

the child seats is available with rental cars.
Book your car and in the form of your reservation you will find the price, choose the option on the table of supplements.

What is the most requested type of cars rental in Morocco ?

Economical city car like (Kia Picanto and Dacia Logan or equivalent) as well as the Dacia Duster SUV; are the car categories most often requested for rental in Morocco.

Can I pick-up the car at the Airport of Morocco ?

Pick up and delivery may be at the Morocco main airports.

What is the authorized speed limit in Morocco ?

speed in Morocco is limited to 60 km/h in cities, 100 km/h on national roads and 120 km/h on highways.

Driving in Morocco: What are the cheapest gas stations ?

The most economical gas stations in Casablanca are Afriquia & Winxo. They are generally about 0.50 dirham cheaper, per liter, than other stations.

Four simple steps to rent a car in Morocco

Date & location

Location and date of car rental

Choose location & the needed rent date.

Choose a car

Choose a car for rent

Select the vehicle using our cars fleet.

Make booking

Make the car booking details

Enter your name and booking details.

Enjoy by car

Enjoy driving the car

Enjoy your trip and our good service!

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