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These general conditions are subject to the law of the honest kingdom of Morocco. www.irent-morocco.com is an independent website for car rental companies and works only as an intermediary between the customer and the car rental company. The site searches for the best prices and the offers in order to provide the car that fit the client’s needs and in line with the budget.

Article 1: book your car rental

1.1 - How to book ?

The vehicle is booked on the Website www.irent-morocco.com.
Before placing request booking on the site, you must have read and accepted without reservation all the terms and conditions.

When booking, the following information will be forwarded to www.irent-morocco.com :

  • The city and place of receipt and return of the vehicle
  • The date and time of receipt and return of the vehicle
  • Vehicles category
  • The full name of the driver (who must have a international credit card in his name)
  • E-mail address of the driver
  • Driver must be aged over 25-year-old

2.1 - booking confirmation

All bookings made online at www.irent-morocco.com subject to confirmation of car availability at the car rental company.

Send a reservation request by e-mail, or by one of the Website pages devoted to send booking requests is not considered as a confirmation.
After approval of all terms and conditions by the tenant, a booking confirmation sending to the sender of request by e-mail.
Please note that the confirmation will be valid for a class of vehicles and not for a particular model of car.

Before receiving the car, the tenant will sign a rental contract that is granted to him by the company car rental, this contract is subject to the terms of the car landlord.
the rental contract signed between you and the company car rental upon receipt of the car is subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Article 2: The documents and guarantees

1.2 - Required Documents

To receive a car from the lessor or the person in charge of this procedure, you must provide the following information to the car rental company :

  • Identity card or passport (valid) and carry the same identity
  • Credit card on behalf of the tenant if the lease amount will be paid by this card
  • Accepted cards are blue cards (CB, Visa, MasterCard)
  • Deposit as collateral by credit card on behalf of the tenant
  • Valid driver’s license at least dating for two years (three years in some cases)

IMPORTANT : The minimum age for the driver is between 21 and 25 years depending on the selected vehicle model.

The car hire company reserves the right to cancel the reservation in the absence of one or more of these documents or failure to comply with these conditions.

In the case of non-submission of these documents, the company reserves the right not to deliver the car to the tenant. In this case, www.irent-morocco.com will not be responsible for non-delivery of the vehicle and does not give you compensation or reimbursement.

2.2 - Additional information relating to deposit

Under the legislation, a deposit required at time of rental. The deposit will be paid by international credit card.

The tenant must first ensure the validity of the international credit card :

  • In the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Dates of hire car (Expiry date)

And also make sure that the international credit card is able to cover the deposit amount (the value of the franchise of rental car).

The deposit amount will be blocked on your credit card.

This amount will be fully unlocked again when you return the car, provided it is returned in the same condition of the receipt.

Article 3: General information related to renting

The rental period is stipulated in the reservation confirmation message then on your contract. It begins and ends at the place and time set, except an extension or change approved by the car rental company.

The contract is complies with the laws of the Kingdom of Morocco.

In some cases you may be need of additional driver to relieves you of fatigue driving. Therefore, please specify that you want the additional drivers in the booking. There may be additional charges.
Tenant and additional drivers bear the full responsibility for the car immediately after receipt.
In time of receipt of the car, the additional drivers must be indicate in the contract.

In the event of receiving the car at the airport, the customer must specify the name of the airline, and the time of arrival and flight number, to guarantee the rental in the event of flight delays.
Should be understanding and taking into account that the return or delivery of the car may up to 60 minutes.

Desirable, as advised www.irent-morocco.com , check the status of the car at the receipt time (Particularly the bodywork and windows), and reporting of any note to the rental car company to make it in the contract. www.irent-morocco.com also encourages you to inquire about the type of fuel that will need to be used (diesel or gasoline)

www.irent-morocco.com informs you that there must be respect for the laws of the honest Kingdom of Morocco, where you will use the rented vehicle.

Article 4: Car rental payment

Required to pay the estimated value of rental upon delivery of the car (cash or credit card) By choice.
Rates are set per 24 hours from the time of receipt the car.

In case of delay in the return of the car at the time and place stated in the contract, the customer must pay the fines, which vary by car rental company.

Article 5: Insurance

Covers the vehicle a compulsory insurance of civil liability but with an franchise non-revocable in the case of having the responsibility of the driver in whole or in part.
This franchise is varied depending on the category of vehicles and general conditions of the car rental company.

In case of accident or injury, you must attend a police report at the time. Otherwise, if the car rental company is unable to provide a valid police report, the customer bears all costs incurred even with the assurance of the collision, and do not get replacement car and the rental rate will be charged until receipt of the documents and police report.
In the case of car theft, the police should be notified immediately, otherwise the insurance cover may be zero.

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