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Cheap car rental in Casablanca

City-dweller car

Clio 4 car rental offer

Clio 4 manual

From : 500 MAD /day

4×4 & SUVs

cheap car rental casablanca

Dacia duster automatic

From : 700 MAD /day

Compact vehicle

Clio 5 car rental Casablanca deal

Clio 5 manual

From : 600 MAD /day

Tips and basic informations for car rental in Casablanca

1 – Choose the right car :

Think carefully about the type of car you will need. If you are going on a trip with children or lots of luggage, then you may need a large sedan or a 4×4, but if you are alone or in a couple and you are looking to save money and not to abuse too much in car rental in Casablanca, you can book the smallest model available. Indeed, the size of the vehicle is not the only factor that bothers you and that you are looking for a green model or a car with automatic transmission, since often, manual cars are the most appreciated. Therefore, pay attention to these small details when signing your contract.

2 – The choice of where you will rent your car :

You will find car rental agencies everywhere in Casablanca, but depending on where you want to rent your car, IRENT MOROCCO can offer you the lowest and especially the most competitive prices. However, before booking, it would be more convenient to do some research on our site and find the offer that suits you to make sure it meets your needs.

Advice and informations for car rental in Casablanca

3 – Carefully read the terms of the rental agreement :

If you plan to book online, read our terms and conditions carefully before confirming your reservation. On the other hand, if you book by phone, make sure you understand them well and ask if there will be a penalty to pay in case of delay when returning the vehicle or extras for additional drivers if someone else will have to drive and if their name must be mentioned on the contract. Finally, for car rental at Casablanca Airport, do not forget to provide your flight number and your expected arrival time as well as all the necessary information in order to protect your reservation in case your flight is delayed.

4 – Know the real cost of car rental in Casablanca :

Most of the time, the price displayed on the ads is not the final price and can be overestimated or inflated, due to some additional costs such as: state taxes, airport surcharges, additional driver fees as well as insurance and fuel bill. As a result, you will be forced to pay double what you expected. On the other hand, at Irent Morocco and in the context of transparency, we display the total rental price, including taxes and estimated fees at the beginning of the booking process.

5 – Be sure to fill the gas tank :

Before hitting the road with a rental car in Casablanca, make sure you don’t run out of gas. For this, always fill up the tank yourself, as this will save you from paying more. In addition, avoid gas stations near the airport, as prices are generally higher than others.

Different categories of cars for rent in Casablanca

Do you need a way to get from one place to another during your next stay? Renting a car in Casablanca can offer you freedom and flexibility when you go on a trip. Indeed, in Casablanca, taxis are expensive and public transport is crowded, which makes renting a car the most suitable way to get around. But this possibility can also add complications to your stay, such as finding the category of car that suits you and that fits your budget. This is why we offer you our types of vehicles to choose your rental car well.

All of our categories

Category of rental car in casablanca

Economic car category

If you are looking for a cheap car rental in Casablanca, this type is ideal for you. Indeed, the costs are reduced and you do not need too much luggage. The category of economical cars includes models such as the Hyundai i10, the Dacia Logan, the Clio 4 and the Clio 5 or similar.

Comfortable economic type

To enjoy the views and landscapes, you can choose the category of comfortable cars. They are inexpensive and suited to your needs. This type includes models like the Clio 4 automatic, the Hyundai Accent or the Dacia Duster automatic, available for rent in Casablanca.

Luxury car category for rent in Casablanca

If you are a romantic couple or a lover of luxury cars, this kind of vehicle is made for you. The category of luxury cars includes models like the Volkswagen Touareg, the Jeep Cherokee or the Range Evoque, which you can drive with elegance.

SUV vehicle type

For large groups who need comfort and space for luggage, large SUVs are the best. This type of car includes models like the Range Sport, the Range Vogue or similar, which you can rent in Casablanca.

Good to know about a car rental in Casablanca

Reduced rates & variants

Varying, competitive and adapted rates according to your budget and your needs

Services and options

We offer quality services & comfort options for your rental

24/7 customer support

Customer support before, during and after your stay in Casablanca

Payment flexibilities

Reserve your car online, and only pay a deposit in advance

Tourist places to visit with car rental in Casablanca

car rental in casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. It is characterized by large palm trees and white houses, which gives it a special charm. The city is the economic capital of the country and home to the largest airport in the kingdom. But what are the best places and tourist destinations that can be visited when you choose a Casablanca car rental ?

Hassan II Mosque

Located in Casablanca, the Hassan II Mosque dominates the Atlantic Ocean with its grandeur. It is one of the largest mosques in the world, and it has a minaret with a height of 200 to 210 m according to sources, the highest in the world.

Corniche Ain Diab

Another interesting place in Casablanca is the corniche. The corniche stretches from the Hassan II Mosque to the Ain Diab district. It is an ideal corniche for a walk as you can relax with great pleasure. After finishing your walk, you can have a meal in one of the restaurants that offer the sea view. The corniche is a lively place where there are many bars and restaurants.

Explore the old medina with car rental in Casablanca

The old medina of Casablanca differs from the other modern districts of the city. It has the traditional and popular character like any old town. This old medina is located north of Casablanca and contains many popular shops and grocery stores. The old medina of Casablanca is therefore a historical and colorful mix of lively markets and shops.

Park of Sinbad

The park has gained many satisfactory opinions according to tourists and residents. It has many fun games such as slides, a death train and a hot tub. It is located in Grand Casablanca precisely near Ain Diab. So don’t miss it, you will enjoy it a lot in my opinion especially with your children.

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