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    Popular cars in Casablanca

    Some of the most requested cars in Casablanca

    Clio 4 car offer

    clio 4 car rental in Casablanca offer

    Car starts from :
    MAD / day

    Range evoque car offer

    Range evoque car hire in Casablanca offer

    Car starts from :
    MAD / day

    Hyundai accent car offer

    Hyundai accent car rental Casablanca offer

    Car starts from :
    MAD / day

    Tourist places to visit when rental car in Casablanca

    car rental casablancaCasablanca is the largest city in Morocco.
    The city is characterized by tall palms and white houses, so it’s really a pearl. Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco and includes the largest airport in Morocco. What are the best places and tourist destinations that can be visited when you rental car in Casablanca?

    Ain Diab Corniche

    It extends from the Hassan II mosque, is ideal for a stroll and relax with great pleasure.After finishing your walk, you can have a meal in one of the Corniche’s restaurants with the landscape of the sea and many bars and restaurants.

    Sinbad Park

    The park has won many satisfying opinions and has been loved by many tourists as well as by the residents of the city itself. He has many fun games like slides, a train of death, a hot tub, etc. It is located in Grand Casablanca, near Ain Diab. Do not miss it, you will enjoy it a lot, especially with your children.

    Rent car in Casablanca and explore the Old Medina

    It has the traditional and popular character like any old city; located north of Casablanca and contains many popular shops and grocery stores.

    Hassan II Mosque

    It is the largest mosque of Casablanca, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, very large and majestic.

    What kind of the best car to hire in Casablanca?

    It is entirely up to you – To rent a car that suits for you in Casablanca, consider things like your budget, the number of people traveling with you and the type of trip you take. These suggestions will be important for you to get started;

    Car rental in casablanca categories :

    Best for: Lower costs and small luggage.
    The category includes: Hyundai i10, Dacia Logan, Clio 4 or similar.

    The cheapest comfortable cars at affordable prices that meet your needs to enjoy the sights and landscapes.
    The category includes: Clio 4, Hyundai Accent, Dacia Duster or similar.

    Best for: Romantic couples and enthusiasts to drive luxury cars.
    Category includes: Volkswagen Touareg, Jeep Cherokee, Range Evoque or similar.

    More about luxury cars rental in Casablanca

    Full size SUVs are best for: large groups needing comfort and luggage space.
    The category includes: Range Sport, Porsche Macan, Range vogue or similar.

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